Rock Salt and Black Salt


Rock Salt and Black Salt are known to have numerous health benefits. Made from the finest quality of raw materials, Tata’s Black Salt and Rock Salt enhance these health benefits along with adding a tangy taste to your chaats, chutneys, and other food accompaniments.

Tata Rock salt

Rock Salt or Sendha Namak is a mineral form of sodium chloride. Harvested from salt mines, it is light pink in colour when in the crystalline form. It can be used for cooking, like regular sea salt, especially during fasting rituals. It is extensively used in ayurvedic medicines. It is very helpful in aiding digestion. Add a few crystals of rock salt to your lassi to cure stomach ailments and help in deworming. It not only enhances taste but also keeps you in the best of health.

Tata Black Salt

Black Salt or Kala Namak, adds a distinct flavour to your dishes apart from providing you with health benefits. It can ward off constipation, stomach irritation, flatulence, bloating and other stomach ailments. Mix some black salt with ginger; it acts as a powerful laxative.

Crush some black salt and add it to your chutneys, salads, fruits, lassi and even juices and feel the tingling sensation tickle your taste buds.

Both the above variants are available in a convenient crusher pack. This allows you to sprinkle the crushed salt on to your food and add a distinct aroma and essence to your dishes. The crusher has an in-built mechanism to adjust the levels of coarseness and fineness of the grains so that you have the option of choosing bigger crystals or fine powder. Both variants are available in refillable packs so that you can replenish the crusher once you have exhausted the contents.

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